Faculty & Academic Support Staff 2016-2017
Kindergarten through 8th Grade

  Current Assignment Degree(s)¬† Institution(s) Total Years K-8 Classroom/Admin Experience¬† Years at Trinity
The Rev. David Dearman Head of School B.S., M.Div., M.Ed. Univ. of the South, VA Theological Sem., MS Coll. 32 15
Amy Gaido Asst Head of School/ Lower School Coord B.A. Baylor Univ. 15 10
Frances Buergler Kindergarten B.S. Texas State 14 3
Arden Cragar 1st Grade B.S. Univ of TX, Austin 16 10
Anna Vandiver 1st Grade B.S. Augusta State 5 (includes 1 year pt time at Trinity) 3
Kelly Schwab 2nd Grade B.S. Univ of TX, Austin 20 9
Kelly Schaffner 2nd Grade B.A. Texas State 8 3
Stacy Wisner 3rd Grade B.S. Univ of Houston 12 3
Susan Spurlock 3rd Grade B.A., M.S. Sam Houston State Univ, Univ. of Houston-Clear Lake 39 6
Debbie Kelemen 4th Grade B.S., M.S. Stephen F. Austin St Univ, Univ of Houston 41 11
Michelle Funston 4th Grade B.S. Stephen F. Austin St Univ. 16 6
Brook Miller 5th Grade B.A., M.S. Univ of TX, Austin; Univ. of Houston, Clear Lake 10 3
Donna Cucco Middle School B.S. TX A&M Univ., Coll. Station 37 26
Amy Neblett Middle School B.S. TX A&M Univ, Galveston 12 5
Stephanie Frye Middle School B.S. TX A&M Univ, Coll Station 4 3
John Wheeler Middle School B.S. Univ of Texas, Austin 4 4
Sue Langston Middle School B.A. St. Andrews Presbyterian Coll 42 36
Anne Charpentier Middle School Coordinator & Spanish B.A. Univ. of the South 28 28
Laura Hyatt Music B.S., M.A. Univ of TX, Austin, Univ of TX Health Science Center at Dallas 22 (includes 2 yrs pt time at Trinity) 22
Theresa Pistone Computer B.S. Univ of Houston-Clear Lake 25 6
Florence Noyes Art B.B.A. TX Christian Univ 17 (includes 4 yrs pt time at Trinity) 17
Sean Thompson Athletic Director B.A. Concordia Univ 1 1
Sondra Harrington Beginning School Coordinator /Learning Lab Director B.S., M.Ed. Emporia State 22 18
Anna Hyatt MAC Program Director B.S. Univ of TX, Austin 4 4
Ruben Rincon Lower School Spanish/ school organist B.M. Univ of TX, Brownsville 2 2

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