Frequently Asked Questions


1. When are tours available?

Tours are available during the school day by appointment. Click here for the list of scheduled tour dates and shedule via the link underneath the list(s)....if you have questions please email Thomala Walker at

2. What test do you administer to prospective students?

Prospective students may be given an abbreviated entrance exam during their shadow day visit. Note, a shadow day may be scheduled after the application and supporting documents are submitted. However, if an assessment is administered, the exam usually takes 40-60 minutes depending on the grade level and applicant. The Campus Coordinator administers the assessment.

3. What happens after I complete the entire process?

Following receipt of all required documentation, shadow day, assessment and interview (if applicable) the application moves to the review process. Following review, a decision letter is mailed to the family.

4. What are your class sizes?

The class sizes* vary per campus. PK2 maximum class size is 12; PK3 and PK4 maximum is 14. Each PK classroom has a full-time teacher and teacher’s aide. Lower School classes do not exceed 18 and Middle School classes do not exceed 21 students. Each classroom has a full-time qualified faculty member. *Please note that these class sizes provide overall guidelines. Many factors are considered, and the final decision to add additional personnel and/or to split classes resides with the Head of School.

5. Tell me about the enrichment classes that are offered?

Enrichment Classes:

PK2-PK4 participate in weekly Spanish, Music class and monthly Library visits.

K-6 students participate in weekly Spanish, Music, Physical Education, and Art classes. Grades 2-6 students have formal classes in Computer Science. 6th Grade students participate in a weekly Bible class.

7-8 participates in weekly Spanish, Physical Education, Computer, Art, and and Choices for 8th grade students.

6. Does your school give standardized tests, if so, what type?

Yes. Our students are administered standardized test during the spring semester. Traditionally, our students take the nationally-normed Stanford Achievement Test (SAT). Starting in the spring of 2016, the school will use the IOWA Assessment.

7. What are your school hours?

School hours are as follows:

PK2 – PK4 hours for academic day are 8:00AM-12:00PM (Extended Day is available until 5:30PM)

K-8 hours are 8:00AM-3:00PM (Extended Day available until 5:30PM)

8. Do the students wear uniforms?

Yes. Students in grades K-8 at Trinity Episcopal School wear required uniform. Uniforms are purchased through Parker Uniform Company.

9. Has the 2017-2018 Calendar been published?

Yes. In order not to confuse next year's calendar with the current calendar, the current calendar will remain in its place under the "School Life" Tab on the school website until the academic year is completed. Next year's calendar is available via this link:

2017-2018 Official Calendar