Creating Classrooms and Homes of Virtue:
Monthly Themes at Trinity Episcopal School

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2016-2017 2017-2018

Tolerance (Sep) Goodness (Sep)
Forgiveness (Oct) Compassion (Oct)
Humility (Nov) Thankfulness (Nov)
Reverence (Dec) Faith (Dec)
Justice (Jan) Courage (Jan)
Loyalty (Feb) Charity (Feb)
Perseverance (Mar) Patience (Mar)
Stewardship (Apr) Truthfulness (Apr)
Peacefulness (May) Hope (May)

"This comprehensive curriculum is an invaluable resource for those committed to the task of starting young children off in the right direction. Anyone serious about teaching the whole child, including the moral and spiritual dimensions, will profit from this extraordinary work." - Patrick F. Bassett , President National Association of Independent Schools