Salute to Annual Fund Donors

ClimbEach year Trinity Episcopal School counts on the Annual Fund to help make a positive difference for our students...It is about 3% of the budget, but it is a small amount that makes a big difference!

Last year's Annual Fund raised about $68,000 helping the school to order teacher-requested supplies and furnishings for the start of the school year. The school was also able to address some drainage and mulch-retention issues on campus. The experience of every student is enhanced with your participation in this yearly outreach. Folks who have made gifts to the Annual Fund are listed below throughout the year. Please consider adding your name if it is not there already. -DCD

Name Category Category 2
5th Grade Parents - Dinner Receipts Org
Clifford & Kelli Acosta Parent Faculty/Staff
Dave & Pat Adams Trustee
Barbara Adams Friend
Stanley Allen & Karen Hand-Allen GParent
Mari Allmond Friend
Dr. Marinel M. Ammenheuser Friend
Karl E. Anderson Alum Parent
Libbie & Bill Ansell Alum Parent Trustee
Dotsy Balentine Alum Parent Alum  
Anonymous Student
Bill & Suzanne Berry IHO Molly & Autumn Berry GParent
Megan Blanton IHO Trisha Leimer & Maria Wheeler Parent
Wyn & Morgan Bomar IHO David Dearman Friend
Amber & Robert Booth Parent
Fredrick & Lawren Bradford Alum Parent Past President
Barbara Brown IHO Zoe McClure GParent
William & Margaret Brown IHO Sawyer & Charlotte Cook GParent
Melanie & Timothy Buck Parent Faculty/Staff
Jim & Sally Byrom Trustee
Richard Cadigan Friend Past Head
Connie & David Campbell GParent Alum Parent
Antonella Casola IMO Guglielmo Casola Parent Alum Parent
Eva S. Chambles Alum Parent
Carlos & Monica Clark Parent
John & Carolyn Clyburn Friend
Carlotta Morris Coffman Gparent
Collins & Associates Parent
Collins & Associates (2nd Gift) Parent
Derron & Jocelyn Cook IHO Charlotte & Sawyer Cook Parent
John & Arden Cragar Parent Faculty/Staff
Wayne & Donna Cucco Alum Parent Faculty/Staff
Anonymous Alum
Gayle M. Culling Parent
William & Irene de Groot Alum Parent
David & Layne Dearman Alum Parent Faculty/Staff
Linda Denson Parent
John & Joal Donovan IMO Trudie Smither Alum Parent
Anita M. Doyle GParent Alum Parent
Cindy Dugas GParent
Susan Duif Trustee
Dr. & Mrs. Francis Essex Alum Parent
Jon R. Eversberg IHO Madison Layne Gaido GParent
Susan Falgout Alum Parent
Dianne R. Farmer GParent
Lisa R. Farmer Parent Alum Parent
Cyril & Amy Fertitta Parent
Bryan & Lisa Fiegel Parent Alum Parent
Laura & Todd Flores Alum Parent Trustee
Dennis & Lei Frost IMO Jason Wasaff Parent
Candace Fulton Parent
Matt Furlong Trustee Alum Parent
Pamela Gabriel Parent Trustee
Lynn T. Gafford IHO Arden & Maggie Cragar GParent
Rick & Amy Gaido Alum Parent Faculty/Staff
Christal Jo Garcia Parent
Joe & Ophie Garcia GParent
Robert & Carole Gard IHO Laura Gard Barclay & Leigh Gard Trusler Alum Parent
Greg, Catherine & Hannah Garrison Parent Trustee
Allison Gripon Gilbert IMO Grip Gripon Alum
Hayley & Jason Hardcastle Parent
Edie Harrington Alum Parent
Brett & Sondra Harrington Alum Parent Faculty/Staff
Phyllis & Paul Hart IHO Jacob Hart & Jace Nielsen GParent
Shaye Henderson Parent
David Herrin Parent
Moya Hudson C/O Jayson Hudson Parent
Erin B. Hughes Alum Parent
Lisa Hutchins Parent
Anna Hyatt Alum Faculty/Staff
Eddie Janek, Sr. IMO Doris Denke Janek GParent
Rebecca Hughes & Joe Jaworski IHO David Dearman & Faculty Parent Alum Parent
Richard Jones, M.D. Alum
Bill and Susan Kennard Trustee
Carolee King Parent Trustee
David & Deborah Kirby Alum Parent
Rob & Kim Kirschner Parent
Masanovu & Betty Konatsu IHO Caden Henderson GParent
Dolores E. Koza IHO Parker & Patrick Koza GParent
Koza's Inc. Org
Sue & Marvin Langston Alum Parent Faculty/Staff
Bryan Lasswell Alum Parent
Vicki Lewis Trustee
Ida M. Lightner Alum Gparent
Robert Lyle/Wendy Zein Eldin Parent Friend
Bill and Linda Macdonald IHO Keitha Clopper & Kenny Macdonald Alum Parent
Albert Machaud IMO Kay Elizabeth Hilbert Great Gparent
Grady Mack Parent
Michael & Carol Malloy Friend
Michelle Martinez Parent
Joan & Doug McLeod IHO Meg Walker GParent Alum Parent
Peggy McMullen IHO David Dearman Friend
Jon & Tysh Mefferd Parent Alum Parent
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Mensing, Jr. IMO Raymond C. Mensing, III Friend
Lisa Mignerey (Mignerey boys IHO Kelly Schwab & Brook Miller) Parent
Aaron Miller & Spogmai Komak Parent
Todd & Katrina Musemeche Parent
Victoria Newsome IHO Presley Pyles Parent
Joan Q. Newton Friend Former Faculty
Maurine Nichols  Parent
Jacalyn Hart Nielsen Parent
Cecil Norman Gparent
Anonymous (2nd Gift) GParent
Anonymous GParent
E.J. and Kathy Simon IHO Kennedy O"Rourke GParent
Kristin & Sean O'Rourke IHO Sondra Harrington & Trisha Leimer Parent
Magen & Abel Ortiz II Parent
Magen & Abel Ortiz II (2nd Gift) Parent
Patricia Paganucci IHO Finn & Dane Mignerey GParent
W Robert Parkey Jr IMO our dad, William Parkey Sr Friend
Bryan Parsons Parent
Charlie & Nikki Pattillo Parent
Charlie & Nikki Pattillo (2nd Gift) Parent
James & Kathryn Payne IHO Payne Emery Slimp GParent
E.J. Pederson Friend Past President
James & Carol Plaag Alum Parent
Renee Pruns Parent
Roger Quiroga GParent
Anna Raimer Parent
Sharon & Ben Raimer IHO Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shelton GParent
Scott & LaDale Rein IMO LaVern St. Clair Parent
Dr. Gwyn Richardson & Randy Garcia Parent
David & Jennifer Salyer Parent Faculty/Staff
Mark & Denean Sands Parent
Taylor & Kelly Schwab Alum Parent Faculty/Staff
Matthew Seinsheimer Alum
Angela Shepherd & Jane Leonard IHO Frances Shepherd Parent Trustee
Brian & Melissa Slimp Parent
Lynn D. Snyder IHO David Dearman Friend
BJ and Al Sonstein IHO Abbey & Claire Sonstein GParent
Danna & Don Sparks Trustee
Sharon Steinsland Friend
Georgeann Strong IHO Benjamin & Thomas Strong Gribble Alum Parent
Joy Strong IHO Benjamin & Thomas Strong Gribble Alum Gparent
Susanne & Gerald Sullivan IMO The Rev. Trudie Smither GParent Past President
Robert B. Tesh Alum Parent
Courtney & Mary Townsend IHO David Dearman Trustee Alum Parent
Brent & Stephanie Vasut Parent
Nancy (Evans) Wahmhoff IMO Joan Evans Alum
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Waldrop IHO Sophie & Charlie Kirschner GParent
Meg Walker Parent Trustee
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Org
Rick & Carrie Whittlesey Parent
Majka Woods Parent
Fouad Zeidan Parent
Zoula Pyle Zein-Eldin IMO Zein-Eldin children & grandchildren GParent Alum Parent
Cynthia Zeller IMO George Zeller, Jr. GParent
Zendeh Del & Associates, PLLC Parent